Friday, August 19, 2011


Lots goin' on here folks. Getting car back today, can't wait, it's gonna be fancy, and I will be in love. B and I had a fanTASTIC Wednesday. We laid low. We laid high. We people watched. We made breakfast, and planned to not have any plans. We wandered through an antique store, which really looked like my house but a touch more organized. Found an anchor with an old chain that I am still thinking about. It was rusty, old, and I bet tasted like salt. Not that I would taste said anchor, but I bet it woooould taste like salt. I opened up to B which felt pretty doggone good. I'm not exactly the "opening up" type. You see, this is a product of rejection. Rejection is one of thos things that can't be avoided. It's a natural product of life, and is a helper to bring us to the neccesary places we are supposed to be at.

It's always the same and that's just a shame, that's all. That's all. Phil Collins has a lot of great points. I should listen to him more. Day to day got you down? Me too. Working hard at getting away from it all. While other's wives live on "daddy's" money, I actually make a living. I'm thankful for that position, although, there are far too many who make it look easy living in debt. Ah. It's their debt at least. Many things to look forward to, the beach, more time with B, wedding, going to Sue's. I'm excited. I can't forget that life is really all about me. That last part was a little rich, but I have the skills to pay the bills, the stuff to back it up. So sue me.

Reflective is where you find me. Breaking through these windows you swore were closed. Banging on the doors that supposedly were locked. This is us. This is where we are, and it aint so bad. Dog pile, cuddle blanket. Sewing pillows and forgetting about the rough seas. Flea marketing, repurposing and forgetting. Me likey. But don't worry about me, because I'm doing great! Just worry about yourself, and the rest will be easy. That advice will never let you down!

Is "juicing" a lifestyle? Think about it.

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