Monday, March 21, 2011

Pharisee in recovery

That's me. God has been prompting me lately. And I have been not wanting to listen. Jame and I went to a church to visit yesterday, and it was great. I forgot to tell Jme I might cry, cause I have a tendency to do that especially if I have been away from God for a long time. I kind of cried through the whole music part. Which was funny, it's usually harder for me to worship through music. Not yesterday! They had a guest speaker and he was really interesting. He spoke the words that is the title of the post. Which makes so much sense. The pharisees wanted to do so much by the word. They wanted to follow all the rules. They wanted to be perfect, and if they couldnt be, or others were not perfect either, the pharisees put out a lot of condemnation. I thought about myself and how relateable that is. I want to be so perfect and live how God commands me to be, but I also want His approval, and really crave His love. God loves me no matter what though. Even if I cant get with the rules. Even if I fall short. And I cant help but praise a God who does that. I will keep trying. I will not believe the lies that Satan whispers. I will not be a failure when it comes to loving, because God allows grace. Since an all knowing and all mighty Savior can die on a cross, come back to life in 3 days, and continue to love us, then I can surely love others and most importantly love myself. We just have to be willing. Selah!

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