Friday, March 25, 2011

Universal Twin

Easter is around the corner, a time for rebirth, rejuvenation, and contemplation. There have been many changes around. Lots of dreams. Dreams of surrogate mothers, tiny aliens, baby animals, snow, white coyotes, store adventures, backbone dreams, unrequited answers. It's all there, and still adamantly chasing me and throwing me down on the floor. Demanding answers. I read a horoscope of mine that basically said, "Stop banging on the door of the things you want you think that are trapped behind there." "Just open the door already." What if the things I ask for behind the door hinges on someone else too? How would you answer that quandary? I already know not to ask for feedback since no one ever answers. Discouraging. I have been asking a lot of questions about my constant "free time" with myself. It's horribly boring and aggravating to hear things along the lines of "enjoy your free time while you have it." sometimes I feel like something apocalyptic is about to happen. Apocalyptic could go both ways. Good or bad. Anyhow, I'm remotely anxious and on the cusp. I seem to always be in preparation mode. I also read that I need to rest more. I'm a great rester. A great sleeper, but I also need to keep an ear to the ground. Follow my heart a little. Stirred up. Anyway, these are the stepping stones.

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