Thursday, November 18, 2010

Formal Boycott

I welcome you today to my most recent boycott. Thanksgiving, and coming back from vacation. I got a lot done, with no surprise there. I have a uncanny way of writing lists and getting things crossed off like a uber effective robot. I had some time to myself which was nice. No demands from anyone else but myself or the dogs. It was great. Not thinking of anyone else or anyone else's dogs. That was pure pleasure. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of panic, fear, and aggression pent up somewhere, but I'm holding that crap in like a crazy spider holding her thousands of babies in her birth sac. You got it. I'm totally a pot on the stove. Barely boiling. Shocker.

Is it fear? Is that all that holds you back? You need to answer this one. And it needs to be your final answer. It also needs to be the true, correct answer. The clue to your heart. Come on now, this question isnt for sissies. And you aint no sissy, Right?


  1. I fly hog wild into the face of fear and beg anyone to try and dissuade me. Not always my most admirable quality...