Monday, November 8, 2010

The other side.

Alright. The precious line of submission and clarity. Those simple times of recognition. I have a heard a few stories about being happy in circumstances that are less than ideal today. Those times of not quite being where you want to be, but being glad that those circumstances are catapulting you into the area of the life you want to be. It's all about perspective and all about taking your lemons and tasting that sweet lemonade it turned into. Pushing past those uncomfortable moments that are necessary to transform your ego. Sometimes we are bludgeoned by our circumstances to the point of needing some kind of resuscitation, so to speak. There are times where you beg and welcome those murdering moments in time. There are also times where you clean everything out and haul it off to the landfill. There are times you throw stuff out the door and wait for the weather to rain on it, or have a LBD run off with it. You could just care less, and that's okay. Some might even say you had a nervous breakdown. Some may have pity on you. Some my care less. You have to learn how to savor those moments, my dear. That is when you find out the meat of your true self. What you will or won't handle. Today, as in Monday, I am trying to just let go. I am just saying no, and not worrying about if it will ultimately change my outlook or finances. It was liberating. Here I am trying to hold on to the last pork chop bone, and that just doesnt always have to be the case. We can cherish and worship that pork chop bone, we can worry if we can live with, or without the coveted pork chop bone. 9 times out of 10, the pork chop bone is the last of our worries. Nothing to fear. Sometimes you have to take that pork chop bone in your mouth and fly through the jungle on the grapevine and take a huge leap of faith. It depends on your personal pork chop bone's threshold. Whether that be pain, courage, or well, cahonaes.

I am also saying yes. Yes to family. Yes to people who love me. Yes to myself. Saying yes to myself has been more liberating than anything, but that's always the case dahling....

Only you can define your true needs and outline what is realistically going to work for you. Always depend on your gut, and for pete's sake, stay out of that pit of despair. Just look for the ravens, because they will send you food. We only have to be wise enough to ask for God to send them.

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