Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mistaken Identity

Last night was intense. I had a dream that intertwined so many events that happened in my life. The dream kind of circled around 2 relationships I had. They smashed together in a way that left me forcing myself to sleep, just to see what happens next. I don't believe I am being clever here, I just think I am empathizing with Alice. There's really nothing wrong with that you know. Accepting those crazy dreams that you cant stand to dream, but almost thankful for that creepy experience. Yeah, it was haunting. But it was also superficial. Riding and manipulating my real life, as opposed to dream life. My mind looks like a field full of rabbit holes, and it isn't cute. I suppose we have to accept what goes on in our minds as we sleep. Dreams are those flung out dishrags that stink in the sink. In hindsight, dreams are the portal to living too.

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