Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Live and let live!

Or, live and let die, move over Paul McCartney. Er, Axl Rose. Dang good James Bond movie....

Whatever your means of personal expression. Move over rover, we have become undefined. Some enjoy the absolute freedom of being undefined. Whether in your own person, realationship, hobby, whatever. If undefined is okay and not hurtful to others, then that's cool. Except the part of being undefined also brings responsibility and waves of hurt. Always. 2 people can have an undisclosed agreement between each other and because of our human natures, human feelings, and all that wonderful mess we always get hurt. So be careful in those uncharted waters! I realize we wake to each day not knowing if life is going to pull down our underpants in the middle of lunch in front of everybody.... Leaving us ashamed, hurt, and never wanting to wake again. This is not inspirational here, just talking things out. I wont say life wont ever hurt you, because it does. And like a good friend told me this week: WHY WONT ANYONE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT THEY DO???!!!!???

This is an excellent question. No one ever believes they have done wrong. Or they don't want to know/believe they have done wrong. Maybe oblivion has great weather and it may be a more safe atmosphere...... Who knows?

Do you want to do acrobatics? All I know is to focus on what you can change, even the alcoholics know that one...... I am sunburned. Terribly. In all the wake of this, this, discussion. I sit here with a burning chest.

If we keep wearing red and the bull constantly chases us, who is in the wrong?

Never accept bad behavior and never facilitate bad behavior. It saves a lot of time and energy. It's also freedom.......

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