Thursday, June 10, 2010


Such a big word meaning love. I knew a beutiful girl who described herself as such. I thought about her today as I ate a snickers bar and trying to convince myself I had made a good choice when it comes to my eating habits. As usual, I'm slacking. While counting my ridiculous calorie intake I thought, Whatever happened to that girl? As with all sterotypes, I thought; why would anyone sterotype HER? I also had a blazingly bright friendship with this girl and thought no differently about her. She came from a nice family. No abuse. Nothing had traumatized her into thinking she was something she wasnt. This is just as she was. Now many people didnt like her because of her lifestyle choice. I always told her that she had to make healthy choices for herself. Case closed. My point? Just because she was living in a different lifestyle, this didnt mean I didnt respect her any less. This might sound bland, but this post has been cathartic to me.

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