Saturday, June 5, 2010

Is honesty the best policy?

I'll be honest and to the point, without apology and without finger pointing. Tonight I am at my future home. Looking into the future is downright scary, since I don't have my dogs here. Yet. The motley crew I call my beloved dogs, are giving me goober faces, middle fingers, and huge doe eyed looks. Honestly. I have learned many reflections of the truth, dressed up pigs who looked like the truth, and of course, out and out abandonment innocently described as "Brutal Truth." Brutal truth is the thing we all pretend we want to hear. When all in all, it hurts us to the core and then we mind bend it to make us feel remotely sane. Excuse me, but can I completely unearth everything that really might hurt you, and in the end is going to make me think differently about you? In that case, forget it. Brutal honesty is one of those things I think I can live without. I received a letter to my ex-husband, and with all my honesty showing.... I wanted to rip the envelope open and read it. It was from the state, so I assumed it regarded a ticket or something of that nature. This specific letter, being none of my business, I kept in my car. Overnight. Today, I thought about what to do with the letter. Read it? Trash it? Send it back?
Be mad about it for no reason? I don't know. I do know, that it sent a flood of information in my head. This morning, I sent the letter back. Unopened. And with a clear conscience. Almost relieved. Do I believe sharp shooters are hanging out in the cherry trees by the driveway? You better believe I do..... and I also danced with my mailman 2 weeks ago at Brandon's wedding, seeing that my mailman, Chuck, is Brandon's step dad. Oh, and I'm sure he knows unlimited things about me, all due to the honesty of my mailbox. Chuck, being here nor there, may have bumped his head. You see, why did he leave that letter since he knows all kinds of sensitive information about me? There may have been a replacement mailman that day disguised as Chuck, and this person had no idea they were delivering a little piece of Jiminy Cricket right into my hot pink mailbox. (AND THAT SOUNDED FILTHY.) I can't fault that person pretending to be Chuck just for being honest, and doing their job. I just can't. Back to Eagle Eye in the trees, I continue with caution, that there were Crows about. Which sealed the deal with my conscience and my judgement, so carefully this morning I scribbled: RETURN TO SENDER

I kept my honesty intact. A small thing, and then I let the cat out of the bag to you. Telling on myself to satisfy that I had done the right thing? Maybe. More of, it's what I was going to do anyway....... then I listened to a ton of David Bowie.

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