Thursday, April 14, 2011

One of these Nights

I could describe how I feel pefectly in this song. I'm having one of those socially acceptable moments of clarity and insanity. Probably both. Probably. In between the dark and the light. Get ya baby one of these nights. Yes, I'm there. I'm very much like Darkwing Duck. Dont doubt. Thats where it gets dangerous. You got your demons, you got your desires, but ive got a few of my own. YoutellemEagles. Where did my normal go? Straight out the window and it broke my heart a little more. I dont need your rules togoplayinthe woods. If i am cracking up, then ok? Right? That last phrase made zero sense. It also doesnt make sense that i have so much bueno disguised as booboo. i said it. dont judge me. One of these dreams, One of these lost and lonely dreams, Were gonna find one, One that really screams. I like those lyrics. Too much like propchecy for me. It's coming true.

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