Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who's that lady?

I cant keep trying to break into your heart and waiting to have my eureka moment. Ive tried to say Ive had enough and cant keep investing in a profit weary fund. You either want me to succeed or not. I need support. Dont ask how you can, just do it. Find a way. Realationships are hard. If im in a ditch, lend me a hand. If life hands you lemons, make a pie or something like that. Food is comfort, but soul food is better for the garden. In a trace here I am, still waiting. Almost in the garden, daydreaming about it all. I stare at the horizon and hope. I told myslef staring at the stove, maybe it wasnt enough. To hope. I need rescue, and reminded how I shouldnt cry. If this is my only lifeline, the only way I can communicate. How is it bad? All I need is all I need, and I may need a lot. Maybe just for a few minutes, maybe for a lifetime. Im in the sea and begging to be brought on baord. Its better if you swim! Its better if you do it alone! (but whatifi cant- and thats what I say) The only reason you cant believe that is disbelief. Disbelief is your hurdle. Not mine, and please dont punish me for the work you need to do. Im standing in the middle of the cornfield. Mouth muffled. I could run. I could. I could get by and I do. I guess Im just getting a little tired of this. If im sick then I just have to keep plugging away. She said we are struggling and coping with post traumatic syndrome. I allow that is true. Standing at the mouth of that volcano is tough. but thats what we are, and thats whats expected. Are you ready to stand at the volcano with us? Are you willing to feel that heat?

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