Monday, February 7, 2011


What to write about? Any successful writer knows to write what they know. Everyday experience. I should do just that. Circulation. I forgot how to do things on my own. And, not to toot my horn, but I am darn good at doing things on my own. True story. I think I forgot how to survive on my own. I started relying on anything, anyone else and not basking in my own, "ownness." Reminded how support is not guaranteed. Support is a thing you can give yourself. Which support in self reliance, is guaranteed. Seek peace and pursue it. Psalm 34:14

This is my journey.

My left eye is hurting! My left eye is swollen! It's like I overused it or something. Strain. Er, maybe my eye is catching up with my brain. 'Cause it sure is in strain mode. I have been in hurt mode too, and even though I feel like I'm to blame.... that isn't true. I have been in guilt mode. Then, deprivation mode. 2 very real struggles. Up and down, riding the roller coaster known as me. Call me extreme.

Try to feel from within, rather than judging and looking at what's on the outside. Claire Dederer

Pratyahara. (Look that one up.)

With a 4 month old, new widow.

Beverly had said "100s told me to call if I needed them or if I needed anything." "I told them all I wouldn't call." "Out of those 100s, only 1 came and showed up at my house."

Easy to forget the 100s, but not the 1.

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