Saturday, February 26, 2011

Me & Mrs. Jones

I have been triggered. It's too early to say why. Or how long it will last. I had oatmeal and peanut butter with bananas for breakfast. Did that help? Possibly. It could be the protein helping me to think a little clearer. Yesterday, was a fog. I was walking around like a kitten wearing lead boots. Yes, it was that serious. I had to focus on the little and big things. Which was exhausting. Which drained me. Which made me not want to talk. Or admit anything. Or even feel relevant. Those days are sure to come. Like Mama said, there would be days like this. Still not reading as I should be. LBD is on the road to recovery. I love how sweet her eyes are. She is the best behaved. The yard is a muddy mess. I'm hoping to see the yard recover as well.

Daddy and Joey cut down the rose bush in the old yard. The rose bush is as old as my sister. But it was a monster. It will grow back. At least I hope so. Have you ever noticed how the things you want to change, burn down and start all over again may not be the things that actually change? Or actually ever come to fruition? The thing is, we might chase that bunny rabbit down the hole, but we may not land in wonderland.

I've lost weight. But not pounds. I'm hoping to keep losing weight. The weight on my shoulders. Looking for the doom and gloom. Although, I usually put the voodoo on March. March is a weird month. It's like the ghostbusters opened the ghost vault thingy. All the spirits come out of the thingy? Combined into the puff man? All I remember is Beware the Ides of March.

Dont call me superstitious. That label will just make me mad, and give me heartburn like orange juice does.

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