Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hello from Spaceland. This is my residence. If you see me out here, dont be afraid to reel me back in. I need reminders. I actually starve for them. Read again - I actually starve for them. My little scatterbrain is similar to the teapot on the stove. Leave me unattended, and the screeching begins. I need to talk about focus today, or lack thereof. I need to be serving my loves, and not serve these distractions that only fill my cup momentarily. It isnt fair to the ones in my life actually sitting in the front row, paying attention to my faint little heart.

I'm not perfect. I know, right? I saw a really cool picture on my friend's blog. She is a photographer. It wasnt her picture. For some reason, I find that fact relevant. This picture, reminded me that I am not perfect. But in a good way, and ima alright with it.

Back to my lack of memory. I eat fish. Those little coils in my brain should be well lubed from the oil. Er, I think it should be. Im in the mood to travel. Im in the mood period. To just do something.

I am dogsitting. Shocker. I am running amok. amok, amok, amok. I am struggling with the fact I dont get to see the people I admire and love more often. Personal disappointment.

Oh well.

YOu know that word adventure, which feels like the driest part of your mouth in the morning?

That part, adventure. It is dry. Mine is. As dry as the driest part of my mouth in the morning. I see it though. Just as I see a large glass of water. That would address the parchness. That glass of water. Per usual I find myself stuck. Stuck becauseImafraidtomove. Stuck becausenooneseemstowanttogowithme. shew.

is it lack of effort? will just driving hereandthere help? Possibly. Imasureitwould.

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