Monday, February 14, 2011

I might be insulted!

I am Isis. Or, I feel strangely like Isis. I am empowered by my thoughts, and only by my thoughts at this time. Encouraged by a few in this world, and that's all it takes. Anyone is allowed to jump in at any time too. Don't be shy. I'm having one of those confused, contorted battles with self esteem. Knowing so much better that my value is within me. Not within what I do, or who I do it with. This does matter that it is still happening. I might be low on the totem pole, but not in my eyes. I'm number 1. The head honcho. I still get disappointed when I have to, have to. You know, muster up that fake smile to just do what you have to do. Ima feelin' like I want to go out in a ball of flames. I confess I have felt this way for some time now. Like middle fingers blazin, type crap. True story. Scary story. Ima wantin' to. Real bad like. All John Wayne wrapped up in a bacon covered Johnny Cash style sandwich. I dont want em' seein' it comin'......

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