Thursday, December 23, 2010

I bit my lip....

Christmas is on its way. Believe you me, Im just as nervous as the rest of the nervous nellys I lead. I flatter myself into thinking I have lackeys. But, thats how I roll... all presumptuous like. Let me begin with Tuesday. Day off. Finish shopping, and get my annual text from my mother a few days before a major holiday telling me what time to swish by. Really. Thats what happens. Its ok. Im a survivor and all that Beyonce talk. One word to describe Tuesday. Meltdown. Inside. I get all zombie eyed and zone out. B and Jme were all, its ok.....I was all, No Beuno! I am finished. Which was a surprise. Usually, Im still plotting and flipping out, and angry at myself for not making my lists earlier. whatever. I was probably more nanners than the actual mall, which if you didnt know, is part of my essential charm. I am a total drama queen, and comparably so to Champ as explained by B last night. Last night. Was. Weird. B came up to stay and tried to sleep in my midget bed that is usually reserved for me and Champy and Tiger. 1 midget and 1 normal sized man in one bed, you guessed it! No beuno! Champ paced the house. Tiger perched by the stove. We were all up all night. Restless. Because of the midget bed. Oh well. I am glad B came to visit before he has to work the entire weekend. B goes back to work Christmas Eve! Can you believe that? All because "The Man" says so. I no likey "The Man." On a lighter note, I hope your Christmas is Merry no matter the time or way you celebrate it! Meow!

P.S. Grandma got ran over by a Rieendeer was written by a Veterinarian. It's true.

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