Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Inspiration from Bowie

Or more inspiration from Bowie. I heard him say he would be an excellent Catholic due to the fact he is such an idea purger. I kind of paraphrased that. Whatever Bowie comes up with, it comes out. I understand. I understand that relentless want, just to get it out. Except the difference between Bowie and I, is he actually finishes his purging. I start. Violently. Then I putter out. Except I become overly compulsive, defensive. Stripped. I purge to try. Bowie purges and claims victory. The very truth is, I just need help. And the truth is, all my life lines are far away. Through mostly no fault of their own. Then I have to create my own life lines. Then, I'm way too isolated to be reached by any soul. I cut myself off. At least that's what I believe. Listen. I'm belting my pants. Tight. I gotta get a hold of everything sliding out the front door. Therefore, in comes the purging. I'm really not trying to confuse you, or lose you, I'm trying in earnest to explain. The next few months are going to be hard. I'm not joking. The more I open my eyes and realize it, the better off I might be. The more I am willing to let go of, the more I could gain. And that sounds peaceful.

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