Saturday, January 9, 2010

9:46 AM

Open my ears for listening. This is a need. My plea. Radiant. Better.
Elegant. Dramatic. Beautiful.


Survival. Of the fittest.

Rebuilding. Fresh. Fought hard. Handle. On things. Reality.
Long. Lush.

For the past few days, I haven't felt "ON."

How many "End of the worlds have you lived through?"
And still lived.

I need to be where my heart lies. And not leave it to die.
I smell the fire but have no idea how to start it.

I pray for motivation. For it all to be better.
For encouragement.

I pray for solid leads.

I pray for something. A glimmer.
Hidden in my heart.
I pray for discernment.
For forgiveness.

For grace to learn to forgive.

For others.
For myself.


What ifs and how tos.

I need



New avenues.


I need to be outside. BUT its so doggone cold.

I need to go look around.
By myself.

Much love,

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