Saturday, January 16, 2010

Monday, Monday......

Cant trust that day.....

Thats okay, cause today is Saturday!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! Saturday!!! I get to dress up today and probably fall on my face at some point due to the fact I am wearing heels later in the evening. (maybe due to the vodka martini's I plan to have also.) Y'all know me, and you know I am much more at home in my galoshes and torn up over-alls. That's right, I wear them all Kid n Play like. One strap on the shoulder, one strap, er, lack of strap dangling. But only at the farm. It's finally not tundra-like here in good ol' East Tennessee. It's mild, and I like it. Of course I have dangerous skidding to a stop-take off gone wrong-burst of Spring fever. Why Miss Paula, it's January! (Let me pass out all Southern lady stereo-type-like.) In reality, yes. Yes, it is January. My big thaw always comes early. When I decide to be all surly, hissy, misbehavin' madman of a lady, that's when it gets sticky for me. Dont worry, I have my gun in my garter.

The big thaw will begin in the middle of Winter, it always does. I'm fine with this. Lent is on its way, right with Girl Scout Cookies. Yeah, my biggest nemesis since Hershey bars. With Lent comes Easter, and with Easter, I feel amazing. Easter is my FAVORITE holiday. Easter outranks Thanksgiving or Christmas. ANY TIME.

The Farmer's Almanac warns of rough weather coming. Through February and so on. Alright. The Almanac is usually dead on, so I'm getting ready like a tree rat gathering provisions in the middle of Georgia.

The big thaw always produces wonderful fruit. Which proves me anxious. I am hopeful. I mean, I am on fire with hope. Burning in my belly.

Working out is going great. Icing down after my work outs are also helping me tremendously. This was especially true last night after doing WAY too many repetitions when I did my weight training. Oh, hockey sticks.

I'm a cross between The Lost Boys a la Kiefer Sutherland and The Lost Boys a la Peter Pan. Its precious. Its very Holli too. Innocent. Twisted.

Over thought.

I know good things are here.

Hard to understand.



Will the real me please stand up?

Butterflies are Free. (Movie) (1972)

(No pictures of food!)


Going with my heart.

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