Monday, January 11, 2010


Forgive me. Help me find forgiveness in my heart. Help me be humble.
Keep me focused. Understanding. Broaden my vision. Comprehend.
Expand. Enveloped in it all.


Revenge. Wrath. Gets us no where but deeper in the hole.

Causes me not to see the sun.
Oblivious to the rising and setting.

I could use a little more softness.
With my speech.
With my actions.

When did it become so desirable to be so wicked? I mean, high school is eons over for the lot
of us. It will be easier to let go. Then go quickly on your way.

Hope brimming.

Inspiration will come. As long as I have faith. Hold it in my hands.

All the snow has shown how many critters are all over the place. As of right now I park @ the bottom of the hill in my cubby hole. I walk up the driveway, for the most part not losing my breath. I still don't LOVE the snow. But I LOVE to see the different critter prints up and down the driveway. (Especially the bird ones.)

My vision is broad.


Breaking bad habits. Even if I do have a bad day.
It shouldn't overshadow what's important.

Like living.

Greed. Touchy subject.

I'm living an extremely greedy life.
That bears the fruit. (My tree is weak.)

Holding back.

It hurts me.

No one is an island. As hard as they try.
Forgive, forgive, forgive.
My plea.

Human nature.
Renewed strength.
Obtain. As always, open ears.

Blood hungry.

A symbol of freedom. Safe in the storm.

Show me how to change.
Change ME Lord.

Show me what to do.
I am lost.

When I hit the wall: What's next? Giant. Strong.

Shadows and dust.

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