Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lady Bird - up all night

With a little Kenny Loggins, it'll be alright.

I couldnt put any more progressive effort into it any further. the shiny dimes in your eyes. (I love that song.) Made me gloriously angry. Angry @ who? Angry @ me. Unable to process the emotions we continue to tenure the idea. I need to heal, so let me apologize for the fun of it. One more game. (Dont let me hold you back.) Whatever.
Say it.
Get over it.
I cant sit in this mud pile any longer. It hurts to get dirty when you know its not a fair fight. Oh sucker punch. Its comfort in the bottle.
Recognize the difference?
Made to sufficiently fail at procuring correct destiny.
Should I point fingers? Only at myself.
Can I help your identity is so imaginary?

My bad.

I have a lot to give. A lot to take away. Glad you had decided to take stock in me, even though the hen house was immaculate. Them City hens are pretty plain, once you take off the lipstick.
I do have extenuating mercy for the ones who may not deserve it. Claim it.
I might have a chance at something bigger and greater.
Very Circus-like.
I have a struggle of not sharing myself. Most of the time I need rest.

From me. From the guilt. The remorse.

I aint afraid of no ghost.

Its the indigestion that follows that makes me hate the food in order for me to survive.
Even though the fall hurt, it still happened.
There may not be an end.
To my self-punishment.
All of a sudden

I was expected to be a woman. ( Watch So I Married An Axe Murderer)
A mind reader.
Know it all.

I was just plain though.

In that case, I need more information.
Let go, pick the bloom, more will come then.

Im as quivery as a sleepin dog. Wild in my dreams. No one knows why I tremor.

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