Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big, wet, doughnuts.

And other porno confessionals.

Today has been alright. I'm not writing. Ive lost all hunger to pursue the things I love. Except for taking time off. Time off is something I love and kind of covet. I realized that taking time off doesnt stop the world on it's axis. I realize that it's okay for me to be jealous. Ive realized that it's more than okay to not soak up bad mojo form other peeps. Ive also realized that I need way more camping in my life. I realize that sacrifice is worth the prize. I also found out that that not everyone is out to get me, but I still prefer to remain on guard.

I know that I am not talking to a plethora of people that I miss. Terry, Ben, Landa. The lines of communication work both ways, I know. I can't help to miss them though.

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