Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tell me something good....

There are times when we realize things don't have to be perfect to work. I think that mainly this is how the role call really goes. Even though, I am dusting off bookshelves and knowing better, I'm getting ready. This season of my life is getting ready, and being prepared. Mostly being prepared to just accept things the way they are until they can change. Hopefully, I can manage this huge task. I just don't believe there's any other choice at hand.

Good news though. Tuesday, was terrific. I slept in. The dogs slept in. Like little troopers they slept in. I went on a picnic with B. I waded in river water. I got dirty. I wore a too tight shirt that B encouraged me to wear. ha. We drove through Cades Cove. I talked to a huge horse that I named Sampson. We saw a plethora of deer. We ate cookies. We were able to spend the whole day and evening together, and I didn't want it to end.

Today is Wednesday. I'm convinced something new is right around the bend.

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