Monday, July 5, 2010

Just thirsty

I picked a 12 pound cabbage and drug it to the house. I fried it in butter and added some red pepper flakes. I ate. I got so cold I thought I would freeze. I pickled the okra I grew and put them in jars. I tried to sell them to Cracker Barrel, and they thought I was out of my mind. I ate beets right out of the earth and didn't mind the dirt. The tastes are the same, so why wash the fruit? I clipped the dead heads off the geraniums and called it a day. Until the sun came up and that's when the real work had to start. With the glazed over look, I wrote over and over: People are ugly. When I remembered how the dead mouse smelled, I couldn't eat. At least not very much. Whole milk is so much sweeter than skim, and to help myself to those treats, I ended up smiling like a parrot. A parrot? How does a parrot smile? Well, if you have ever seen mine, then you would know. I threw away parts of me that were no longer me, I sang songs that had an unfamiliar tune. I gazed at the reflection and noted it wasn't mine. I saw the red fox in the woods and she told me that winter isn't far away. Prepare now. It was eerie that Ms. Fox and I have so much in common. Going ahead and preparing the best way we can for our families. In order to live through winter. I carried off all the old trash cans and made excuses for keeping them. I got fussed at for not being understood. They didn't even try to understand, and with that said, they are in the wrong. My blood all over their hands and they celebrated with drinks. It's a long day, but I know the night will be short.

Champ saw the cows running for the water trough this morning and they rampaged the trail. I was afraid that Champ would get in the way and be knocked dead. Because he ran right for them. That's the price for having a sweet deaf dog and raging cattle aching for water.

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