Thursday, September 2, 2010


I think I just got my dose. My dose of being topped off. To the brim. To the hilt. However you want to make of it. I'm disenchanted with Facebook and all this sort of social-look-at-me, hedonistic, disorienting, self-deprecating, self-worshipping stuff. It's been like a new relationship. Full of ups and downs. Heartbreaks and heartaches. Websites devoted to high school behaviors.
What happened? Do we not have jobs to hold down? Children to rear? Farms to tend? What??!!
I'm beyond help with this. I miss the old days. The old days don't have to be over. We just make the choice to let them be. Face it. It's laziness. Oh, and it's unattractive. I am flesh and blood. And this flesh and blood craves real life activities. Real life people. Granted, these sites have helped me come back into contact with folks with whom I am a true friend to. IDK peeps. It's got me feeling all deranged and crap. Oh well. Moving forward.

I did find 2 butterflies this morning. They were dead. But this is their time to die. Sad, isn't it? A chilling reminder time goes on, a reminder that there's something precious somewhere just about to disappear.

If you can't tell, this post is about realizing. Realizing behaviors, realizing people change, become bored and distracted. Half the time I'm living my own fairytale and then I get kicked back into reality. Believe me, the landing is never soft.

I had this thought in my head. About living the way Christ did. He loved all people. He congregated with poor, rich, sick, healthy. I think that is a huge draw to me as an adult and my decision to be Christian. Jesus just loved. No matter what. If he could help, he helped. Even though I will never be able to have huge passion filled debates about what is true or not, or get all bent out of shape over philosophy, I want to be like Jesus. Jesus never argued. Jesus accepted people for what they were and still does today. Believer or unbeliever. How fantastic.

Not much else, but reaching out sure feels better than isolating.

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