Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Real Belief

Even though I'm still sick as a dog and, I believe you are the only one reading this, I might as well write to you. In a informal note, this is a thank you. Thank you for your unforgiving flattery, and point of view that makes me feel better than a cold cheese sandwich. Never waning and never letting me go. For believing in me even when I'm lower than a pancake covered in blueberry syrup. As hard as it is to believe we have those striking resemblances and even though our circumstances are different, we have more common ground than anyone else even pretends to share with me. So here's your shout out, lady. Go shake your bon bon!

P.S. Watch out for those see you next tuesdays!

1 comment:

  1. Why aren't you within walking distance? Or should I say waddling distance? I'm a sad little puddle of mush sometimes...