Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just say No.

Nancy Reagan had no idea what impact when that phrase came to life. Not just saying no to drugs, but to bad behaviors. There are some pretty awesome battles being fought in these days my friends. When I use the word "awesome" I am not giving those battles any more meat than they already consume. These battles need to go beyond Meatless Mondays. I got my cattle ranchin' pants all in a twitter because, well, I just need to say some things. For starters, I'm all a crazy about my Constitutional Rights. I find myself holding back, afraid of hurting feelings or offending people. Ya know what Cowboy? It's time to grow up. Throw that whiskey back and respect me as much as I have to respect you, without apology. My religion is important, but so is yours, another but, don't throw mine under the bus to make your point. I have rights too and they need to be protected. I can have political views. Accept them. Be done with it already. I have the right to have these views and opinions, just like you little lamb. Pull the firing squad back a little. Exercise a little growth here people! If I know anything, things change. SO let's progress together. Ugh!

If you read it on Facebook, there's no reason to tear it apart. Again, exercise control, grown-ups.

Whew! Now that I got that out of the way, let me begin with my real blog post. If I have learned anything worth telling you beloved, it's this. Life isn't perfect. We all want what we cant have, want what others have, don't want what we already have. My perspective has been all torn apart lately and I need to clarify it with me, myself, and Irene. I'm trying to leave her out of it, but she loves to be in the middle of it all. I have been reading about emotional predators. Just saying that phrase made you think of many people. Office Opal, Home bound Hannah, Driving you mad Dan, Hateful Husband Hal. The list is endless. I don't understand a soul and before you begin believing I am throwing stones, remember, I don't have poison people in my life, and neither should you. This goes on to our Facebook Peeps.

Emotional predators learn that being aggressive often gets them their way. They rely on others' anxiety as the key to getting their way.

Know this peep? On Facebook? At home? At work? Realize for one, only you can change yourself. Two, realize only you can control you. There is no way to eradicate these predators. They are just out there. You can protect yourself. You can change yourself. Just realize they have a dangerous appetite, and you do not have to feed them. Which reminds me of a conversation B and I had on Sunday. He had told me that his neighbors fed raccoons at one point and time. Not only are they vicious but they start relying on people for food. For survival. Just like those emotional predators. So don't feed the emotional predators! Just like raccoons, or deer, or any other wild animal. They are dangerous and wild. Emotional predators bring sickness and disease, and we could avoid the infection by simply not feeding them.

Off my high horse folks, gone to use Mama's loppers and not cut anything off.

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