Friday, August 27, 2010


In almost every area. But I still need more. My own Dad watches tv, even though he knows he upset me. Is this my life? Is it? Broke? Unsure? Alive and down and out. Im trying to be careful and do things with merit, but Im hungry. So broke I had to wait for payday. So broke, that its already gone. So broke that my own Dad acts oblivious. 40 dollars isnt much, too bad I cant tell anyone. Too bad he wont listen. I hate the tv, and most inanimate objects.

Where are you is where I am. Upset over the past few months and with my mouth wide open, I seem to miss the food dropped in my mouth. Is it the lump in my throat that hinders my feeding?

The bug bite on my ear is much more swollen. My ear is swollen. Again, my throat is swollen. Too broke to go the doctor, and too proud to go even if I were Richey Rich.

I need you. Can you hear me?

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