Saturday, August 21, 2010

Survival of the Self-Reliant

We are a dying breed. Just like the residents of Machu Picchu. Before we all die out, let's put on our rally caps and get this thing together. I have been writing about epiphanies lately and this just seems to continue to be my occurring theme. My horoscope yesterday was uber interesting.
It stated that It may be time to give something up to get something better. I could take this a million different ways, I understand so right now I'm trying not to over think this. I'm all Alice in Wonderland. Trying to be sensible, get to the bottom of it, and have some fun in the meantime.
We all chase rabbit's with no result. So I have to just let that rabbit run....

I heard a sermon last night while bathing the boys. Dr. Charles Stanley, who I believe is a spiritual genius, spoke on how sin makes us choose, sin makes us weak, sin, is something we can decide to be in charge of. I felt convicted. I tell myself I can't do things. I remind myself how worthless I am. That doesn't glorify God and proves how see through my faith is. bear with me for a second. He also said we can cry, have stomach aches, and just plain feel misery, but this isn't a true repentant heart. When we Truly repent from sin, we don't have those old desires anymore. Remember, die from our old selves? Which enforces the name of this blog post all together. God, really does want us to be self-reliant. Which gives me insight to my horoscope. Now before you get all pitchfork waving on me, I do not worship my horoscope, or base my life choices on it, but I do have a open heart, I just don't let it rule my heart. I think the 2 are along the same lines of my life presently. Shouting almost. I just have to walk out on faith. Amazingly,
I am ready to make a running jump across that cliff of faith, and sometimes, you can't convince me to look faith's way. I believe I am about to make one of those life changing faith jumps. I don't know how prepared I am, I don't understand why I feel this way either. But, I am on alert.
Understand, my friends, hope will be restored. I am looking for this, and do not doubt it.

Today is my Sister's birthday and I am celebrating by weed eating. Congratulations! The celebration should be off the hook. So get ready Sister! Get ready!

Happy Birthday, Bean!!!!

P.S. I really miss our emails. Really.

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