Friday, August 13, 2010

Tiny deer

I am far flung. Apparently far flung from reality and being chided for not having pictures of myself holding and staring at my newborn baby. Or being reminded that I have a failed marriage and seeing others being held up as martyr's for being ultimate failures. Women pregnant by younger men who are not their husbands. Men flagrantly dragging their wives through the mud and unable to admit how weak their minds are working. My heart was broken and I was expected to mend it on my own. I did mend it on my own since I lived out in the middle of nowhere expected to survive.

I would like a small second with the apostle Paul.

I have no idea where I matter, and to reach out, the few are far between.

All of my peeps live far away. Even my own bf lives at an alarmingly lonely pace away.

Can I ask? Where are you?

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