Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Those rascaly goals

And what they mean.....

If I hear one more word about people relieved that the weather is cooling off, I may go into hyper-x-you-out-of-my-life tangent. And, If that isnt enough to burn your moustache hairs,

I might even point my finger at you. Dont push me. I understand that I have a high tolerance for heat, I'm not much of a sweating machine, and if I do sweat, it's okay. I work through it and I also tell myself I'm burning calories. Empty headed much? no.

B and I went hiking yesterday, we saw 2 bears, 2 lady deer, 3 bucks, and 2 macaws. It was amazing, and it did make my life. The bears were about 50 yards away from us. Amazing!!!

We also saw an immpressive millipede. I love taking inventory of the critters I see when we are out. I know what your thinking, really? Macaws? But really! Macaws! One blue, one red, both magnificent. A couple were hiking with them, and when we got to the falls, they were swimming with them!!! It was spectacular. I sat close to the edge of the water and hoped not to fall in and crack my skull open. Good news, this didnt happen. It was nice. I belong outside. In the heat. In the sunshine. These are my terms, adhere or get out of here. We saw many walks of life on our hike. Seniors, young couples, families. We even saw a couple with a young girl and a tiny baby. Wild. We hiked Abrhams. which isnt super difficult, but not super easy. Remembering to pick your feet up when you walk is more difficult than you think. You have to be alert when you hike, because anything can happen. The last bit is more challenging coming back, it's uphill and rocky.

It was fun, and we saw a lot of people in flip flops. Weird. Very weird. Oh, and unsafe.

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