Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This, is my flag.

Here goes nothing. And literally, it may be nothing. I'm hot, cold, and trying to get over myself.
Really. Trying to get over myself. That shouldnt be too difficult with Joaquin Pheonix and his new movie coming out. Thanks, Casey Affleck, I love you too! I hope it comes to the downtown West since you have to eagle eye the Metro Pulse for any kind of arts and crafts movie that you want to see, plus, B lives down West, and that would make it easier. Plz......

Hot and cold temperature-wise is a careful balance today. I'm froze. Then I'm hot as a fire cracker. It's mind warping. I am reading. I did stay up half the night. I did some productive thinking and actually did some productive tasks. I asked for a little more guidance, and I also asked for a match. Setting that insecurity on fire.

I said a lot over the past few days and had been told I dont open up easily. Its better for me to answer with one or two words. You see, lost in translation. Between the mind and the mouth is a loooong journey, and sometimes, just an utter is all that can be said efficiently. But, Im working on this.

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