Friday, August 20, 2010

She had it, so why can't I ?

Today has been an ultra interesting day. I woke up all full of epiphanies and showing my fanny and what not. Then I got to work and discussed the pros and cons of plastic surgery. Where did this discussion of plastic surgery come into play? Well, I was all, "Lori, I'm gonna work for a plastic surgeon and then I can get discounts!" Lori was all, " Why??" "You're a beautiful girl!"
I thanked Lori with her compliment and while she continued to tell me how painful it is, and how I wouldn't want it. Oh, but I do. I really do. Now before you get all Columbo on my ass, let me tell you why.

I am completely addicted to being the center of attention.

Kidding. Kind of.

I showed her my legs and flopped my arms at her and she wasn't impressed. We literally laughed like kids all day long and everyone gave us those "what's so funny" looks. We gave 'em the look back that says: I don't know!!!!!! It was pure genius.

That gal is the tits. She really is. A kindred spirit. My encouraging friend!

Uh, back to all epiphanies and all, my perspective has shifted a whole lot.....and this was all I could come up with..... Smooch!

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