Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i'm not the only one...

Apparently. Because I continue to hear the same thing coming from the lips of all kinds of generations. Some call it feeling blah, some behave in a way so someone looks at them, some over exaggerate and plan to drag you down with them. Mostly, I am trying to talk about these feelings. But only to one or two people. I think I am out of love with facebook, and its about darn time. It's sickening how it has started to fray my nerves, and to demand all these mothers overcompensating for time lost, to stop entertaining themselves and take care of that sick child you feel you need to update me with. Get real. Or the never ending affair roller coaster fb covers up. Not for long, angel. Not for long. We all are trying to get the carrot in front of our noses, the thing is, the same thing does not work over and over. Ask Einstein. He has a quote about such madness/sickness. It's called insanity.

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