Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bigger is Better

When it comes to scorpions.
Did you know that?
Its the little bastards you have to watch out for.
The bigger scorpions don't have as much poison.

I was going through my purse the other day, and I am always entertained by what I find! I found where I had written about how Dave Ramsey is a pimp. Oh, he is. Darn tootin' he is. A dirty little dog of a financial whiz. Could listen to him talk for hours.

I believe you should live close by and visit often. (written on a gum wrapper)

Apparently, one day I was devastated over losing perspective.

C.S. Lewis also haunts my bag with a certain quote,
" The only place free from the dangers of love is hell itself. "

God is always working whether we acknowledge it or not. That's from me.

I don't want to feign interest in the hopes of not ending up alone.
What a whore you would have to be.
Just a dirty, rotten whore.
Would financial security be appropriate means of giving myself to another person? Nope.
But you ignorant sluts do it all the time.
Surrender to the fear of having to look at only yourself every day.
Don't get me wrong. Having a relationship with someone can be amazing.
Its finding someone who can understand you is key.
I mean, really dig into the meat of who you are.

I want my eyes roll into the back of my skull because you totally turn me on.
Not just here and there. I mean, every dark little corner.
You can lead a horse to water, but you cant force her to drink.

I don't want to hold my face in my palms and have glossed over eyes at your expense. I want you to hold my interest.
I don't deserve or desire vanilla.

I admit to having selective hearing. Its just the truth.
There are some days I only hear the good, but there are those days all I hear is the bad.
I know better, and I am extremely tuned in when its happening.
I don't care.
Those words forced my face into a screwed up little fuckpie.
Today, its here. It all started, Fridayish?

Maybe I need a coma inducing, open mouthed, hand on my belly sleep.

Or just admit whats really bothering me.

Here goes.

I'm over you Brad. Get it? Over. You.

Your eyes are looking a little aged, ( and not in a Paul Newman way ) your smile is not endearing to me anymore.
Actually, I haven't seen a genuine grin on your face in a while....
The fact is, you're just old news. I don't care for your attitude. Its boring.
So, Mr. Pitt, don't try to kiss me goodbye, my lips no longer need your service.

Mr. Clooney, please remain in the backseat of the car parked in the woods.

I think Ive got time for a run.