Thursday, February 19, 2009

Skin Deep

Oh, that Todd Howell. He really wants a piece of me. He toys with my emotions. One day, its raining, the next day, its gonna be a warm one. Cant we meet in the middle? No. No, we cant. Todd Howell is finicky. He wants you to continue to watch his addictive weather forecast. Here I am sitting on the very edge of my seat.....

Curious to the point, I am sweating, when we get to the 7 day deal. I stare. I cant believe my eyes. He told me there may be a warming trend, and like a kitty who is jonesing for some catnip.... bam! I'm hooked. Heart beating wildly.....breathless.

Todd Howell dares to say how 50 degrees is warm. My goosebumpy skin begs to differ.
I no longer will believe your lies T.W., not this girl. Believe you me I am feverishly making fliers with your mug on 'em. Warning other females of weathermen and their twisted plots of treachery.

Alright, alright, something I learned today.

I cant be responsible for everyone Else's piss and vinegar. I totally understand how they want me to be Miss McPisspants right along with them, but I truly enjoy this path I'm on, and will ask you to politely bitch to someone else about how deliriously happy you are pretending to be.

Don't point your finger at me. I bitch. I do. Usually after I bitch though, I do my best to get back on the happy little bunny trail. I suppose, we have to endure the bad to recognize the good. That's a hard knock right?

Remember in Fight Club.... the limo scene? Tyler says, just let go. That may be one thing I try to think of when everything looks like its in the pot. I think of Tyler letting go of the wheel, the car running into the safety thingys, scraping the sides, everyone gingerly putting on their seat belts. Then, the big crash. Metal crunching, windows shattering....pure surrender.

See you soon Buckaroos...

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