Saturday, February 14, 2009


I always forget the thing. It reminds me of when I was growing up, we always had extra kids at my house. Mama had her hands full. And I have always been the youngest. Back to passwords, my sister and I had this club we called The Bobcats. I said it. The Bobcats. We even had this cool folder that my sister had made. She drew this really cool face of her version of a bobcat.I should correct myself. Rachel had a club and I could be in it if there werent any other kids around. The password always changed. The meetings were held by the cherry tree or in the playhouse Daddy had built for us. She was always changing the thats my battle with passwords.

I suppose thats why I had become more independent than her. I always wanted to be by myself. In my own world, with my barbies. Or in the barn with Daddy. Mama said I was so stoic as a toddler, she worried. I also couldnt hear. They had my ears tested. I seemed to have had repeated ear infections, tubes, surgeries on both of my ears for a good portion of my childhood. For a long time, they thought I was deaf. I still have hearing issues, the hearing in my right ear goes in and out at times. Which is funny, bc I consider it my "hearing" ear.

Oh right, independent. and Rachel. For starters, shes blond. Blue eyed.Shes 4'10. Busty. Big bootied. Its ok, she knows this. Shes a Mamas girl. She has kids and is married. Shes freaking amazing. Its not secret that shes considered more of..... well, the baby.

I am brunette. Blue eyed. 5'2 ish? Not so busty. Medium sized bootied. A total Daddys girl.
Unmarried and barren, according to Vicky Clause..... (I smile while I type that part.)Huge joke in my family......everyone else seems to hear my life ticking away.....

Equally amazing. Working on amazing.

Right now though, I feel more like Ron Burgundy,ridiculous. (still laughing, now)

I did find out this morning, some people get pissed when you call their dachshund a wiener dog. So get it straight people. I almost fell out of my skin when I heard the pronunciation for dachshund for this fella. Its the reason I call them wiener dogs. (To not look like an ass.)

Thats all for now. Do you know what wiener dogs are made of?

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  1. This damn blog gets better and better every time I read it. I remember back when I first started The Tirade... I was writing all the time. These days, for some reason, it takes a back seat to my street fighting training. However... I'll be damned if you don't inspire me to get off my ass and get back in the blog saddle.

    Giddy YYUUUPPP!!!!!