Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cheeze Whiz

I just wonder, whats goin on? Im not even going to pretend to use any proper language or punctuation. Its so not me. I dont want to be inside the lines. Is that so bad? Even after a couple of glasses of wine. Still. Nope. I mean, even being the most bangin coffee maker. I can eyeball 4 to 8 cups. Easy. i guess we are all full of talent. Mine apparently, is coffee making. and other things.

You seem to be into that. I mean, you took the time to actually read this. Thanks. Even when I write extreme crap. I like being an open book. I dont agree with pushing my feelings deep down.

I dont believe in faking. I will not fake an orgasm. It is the ultimate cheap. Why make someone feel better about themselves when you have been denied the true pleasure you deserve?

I will not be in a relationship. Not yet. Look @ me. Im a mess. Thats ok.

Kinda, a beautiful mess. I love me. Every stupid little embarrassing thing. I love it.

I will not be something I am not. It just cant happen. I may not be run of the mill.

Is that not cute? Enamoring? Yeah, im buzzed and full of it.

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