Friday, February 20, 2009

Night Owl

I didn't sleep last night. Well, I slept in fits. Which happens pretty often. I had to take NyQuil last night, which kept me awake. Isn't that my body's way of showing me who's boss? Most medications do the exact opposite I need them to do. Allergic to most pain medicines. They make me bananas. Welcome to the jungle I suppose. Its annoying. Just like the mean trick that Benadryl tries to play on me. It makes me edgy, and defensive. All I wanted was the sweet lull of sleep offered by taking some cold medicine with sedatives. I was cheated!!! Am I not faithful to you? I don't abuse you... (can it, APW.)

There I was. 3 AM. Eating candy, sitting on the sink in the kitchen. I was hot, too cold, too much on, not enough on, laid on the couch. Looked in the mirror. I even gave myself a stern talking to. Nothing worked. I tried to read. I vacuumed. Made a list of my favorite songs. Listened to the radio.

I eventually laid on top of the sheet and fell asleep, to wake up at 6. Not by alarm, nor dog, just me. Ready to be up.

Honestly, I got alot done. At what expense though? I'm cranky today. Impatient.

Worked up!!!

If my night hadn't been so trying, I wouldn't have looked forward to today.....

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