Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Would it help to hold me under water?

No, Im sure I could still breathe, its the whole water rushing into my lungs that I couldnt handle.

I am in shock. Pure shock.

Wait a minute, I have to say something about that word before I hop back on the trail. Everytime I see the word or say shock, I feel this little jolt that hammers through my teeth.

Wanna know why? 2 words. My sister.

Ya wanna see how to check if the electric fence is on?

Sure. ( dummy )

She held her blade of grass, and she was the picture of farm gal grace.... no biggie.

It was my turn next, I was scared!!!

So I held the blade of grass and it got me! I mean, really got me!!

This was a time when my daddy had gotten some new cattle, and had turned the fence up some, and that crazy person of a sister of mine knew it.

It was her way of teaching me a lesson. One of many.

Ok, I lied, I am not getting back on the trail, I am cutting a new trail, and you will stare at the back of my heels, choking back the tears of anger.

Try to follow.

We all know Eve right? Crazy Eve. God said, please live in this beautiful paradise and live in my presence. BUT. You cant eat from this tree. You can eat anything else you see, but DONT eat from this one tree. She even had an amazing partner to be with day in and day out. She was even made from his rib. CRAZY!!!

They were equally yoked. ( dont get me started on the whole yoke thing. )

But Eve, being curious, ( which is an emotion God formed in us to help satisfy our human hearts)naturally, wanted this fruit. She even told Adam about it.

Crap! The serpent. Which I love, that the bible uses this critter to demonstrate more temptation into something that most humans wouldnt go near. Eve is drawn to this serpent. She desires to listen to every word from this strangely beautiful, evil, thing.

That serpent told Eve all kinds of lies, and she believed. She knew better. She also knew God was watching her. She knew Adam would just be flabbergasted.

And as a rule, snakes and stuff like that, the critters most deem to be "ugly".... are fearful creatures, and really just want to exist.

I cant even follow where I am going with this, but its ok.

Can you imagine the emotions this pair encountered? When they discovered they were naked, they were ashamed, but they were hangin' out like that the whole time!!!

I suppose when we stumble on new emotions, or, forgotten emotions, it brings me to The Garden of Eden.

Side by side, with Adam and Eve.

When we remember how awesome it is to be happy.

To not reach back, but to look ahead.

There was life, after the Garden, which turned all of mankind accountable forever.

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