Monday, February 16, 2009


Do you know the definition? Well, I looked it up. It is an agreed upon word, used in any kind of sexual activity, not limited to, bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism, play, that is uttered by any participant to communicate that they want the activity to be modified. BDSM? Bloody disgusting sexual manners. Have I ran into any of these "activities" lately? Nah. I think about them. Joke about them. Have you ever been with a person with bloody disgusting sexual manners? It's a freaking nightmare.

I mean, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Right? You can be 40 shades of meaning well, but if you don't have honor...where the hell are you going?

Sometimes, I feel like a frozen piece of fruit. Icy all the way through,full of color, juicy when I begin to melt.

The slow bloom of affection? Suffer in silence? Put the sunshine to shame. Frailty?

Losing beautifully...

Gaining wisely.

Am I insatiable? When will my satisfaction come full circle?

My taste buds have changed, thats for sure. Not the ones on my tongue, but in my mind, in my spirit. In me.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a client come in who is sweet as pie. She has endured so many tragedies. I know this because, people want to open up to me. I mean, I know so much about random folks, its scary. they seem absolutely comfortable around me. Whatever. Not my point.
She was checking out, we were smiling and laughing, just carrying on...

Just as she walked out the door, she said something that just made me laugh out loud.

She said, sweetheart, you need to cut out pictures of the ring you want. Your boyfriend is very lucky to have such a sweet girl! Thats how you get what you want. Bye darling!

I must have looked like a big dummy. Grinning.

I dont know what made me laugh more, that she assumed I had someone all hemmed up over me, or that I need said ring......

All I can think is, the boys havent been able to run at my pace. Slow.

Its just so funny, women my age, are dying to be married, which is great. Its just not where I am . It was such an asinine statement to hear from a stranger......

Which brings me to the end. I bought a bikini today. I mean, a rip roarin', bangin', look at me and nothing else bikini.

I cant stand all the cold.

Here comes the sun.....

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  1. Damn those slow boys.

    Also, you should keep a bunch of cut-outs of giant black penises behind your desk. That way, the next time that sweet lady comes in, you can show her. Tell her you've been cutting out pictures of what you want. (And that's exactly how you get what you want.)

    Plus, that big stack of clippings will help you score points with your boss. Trust me... I've written the book on it.