Monday, May 17, 2010

Cats in the cradle

Anyone open to discuss some deadly sins? My top sins? Envy. Anger. Even though I had beautiful teacups of my own, I wanted hers. Even though, things were just fine, I wanted better. When I couldn't take it any more, I said bad words about people I predetermined were bad. Sloth, of course another. Instead of working out and being fit, I layed on the couch and reasoned with myself why it was okay for me to be lazy and eat junk food. Pride, is an even biggie for me. I told myself I would never be in debt, and never get behind, and here and there I have been. I told myself I would kill if I had ever been cheated on, instead, I rolled up in a ball and tried like hell to die..... Pride has been the most dangerous. Then I get all back into the cycle again. I judge people harshly. Even when I know it's going to cost me a world of shit. I feel heavy. My lids. My hands. My heart. All over, I feel bashed. But I do it to myself, and, I do know better.

I cry every time I hear Cats in the cradle, and I don't have children.

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