Saturday, May 22, 2010

Diane, are you there?

Feel like a woman, wear a dress! Diane Von Furstenburg

So apparently we all need to out on our heels and smooth our little skirts from around our faces back down to our laps. So let's do this, shall we? Summe ris on my heels and of course I am a project planning fool. Also, let's discuss my lack of planning and thinking things all the way through. These 2 things do not mix. I am fire and gasoline. So being the fortune teller I am, this is going to work out swimmingly. My 2 big projects? Would be preparing an old trashcan as a compost pile. Secondly, is to make a rain barrel for my house. Yeah. AND, I'm gonna do these things. And not run around like a woman with her skirt flung above her head. Ah, who am I kidding? The forecast looks surprisingly funny. Fits. Dirt. Anger. Frustration.

All in all, I'm pretty pumped like one of the Jersey Shore Gang.

Love ya,

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