Wednesday, May 5, 2010


He was unbelievably understanding as we drove by all the houses, and I muttered that I had issues. This man also has the understanding of my issues as beautiful, because they are a part of me. He also remarkably said I was beautiful when my eyes were closed and half swollen from not sleeping. He is a unusually talented super sleuth and crafty marksman. Even though we have little answers I am trying to understand all the winding paths. Again, finding we have to listen. We must get by on what the ravens bring.

I found a huge (live) bug in my shoe when I got to work. I had slipped them on in a hurry this morning. I have no water. I had no shower. Judge me. I have post funeral hair and an urge to let go. I may be reflective and tired. We may have tasted blood due to the strange noise last night. Change is here. Change that I asked for. I think it's all wonderful change though. Tuesday was a fantastic day to a frugal point. B had a interview, and he felt it went well. Being a 30 something with minimal debt and a future partner who has inherited the same is so, well, awesome. It was a taste through the looking glass which gave a sense of poisoning. A quicker beat, a rush. It ended up with feeling that I would compare to as a soft addiction. How many times can I apply Burt's Bees?

I'm not going to be mad at myself for not writing long, drawn out notes during, and after I read a book or magazine for that matter. I am alive in the moment to a point type of gal. Making remarkable peace with waiting. Or being reminded. Maybe even content. Even left untitled, I'm sure it will still leave the same effect.

Insured with a pretty fancy net to catch me!

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