Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chicken Dance

As you may as well know, we will not sit idly by as our homes become ticking time bombs, and becoming fed up with messy children, bearing pressure from our men, or dogs jumping on our heads like a trampoline. No. We will not sit idly by as we feel our heads may try to be our worst enemy, like I said, try. We will not become silly, incompetent women when our men act an ass and just accept it. Reach outside your skin lady men. We do. Even when it's the most uncomfortable thing in the world. Even when you hang up on us, we still have the upper hand, because we made the decision to act like a lady, and not take your head off like a werewolf. No. No, we did not. There are times we may fail you, but we cant have our shit together all the time, and, ahem, when you (men) do fall short and disappoint us, we do not rub your noses in it like a disgraced dog. (Don't do that to your dog, it's not a training tool.) Moving on, and further more, we GET YOU. We do. Like evil math problems, we sit like evangelical mathematical angels while dealing with our children, dogs, step brothers, family, and all kinds of affairs that would make you cry if you had to deal with it. So instead of having to clean up the shit bomb that you create because you might/are/may be too lazy to deal with, we do it like madmen.

Some of us do this in see through panties and make you even more stupid. (This is our own, admitted fault.)

That's some of us.

Other ladies have other effective means of motivating and planning and providing exceptional escape plans/playtime/dinnertime ideas. The list is extensive.

I do, applaud you men for being caring, (when you can understand) and being strong when we just cant do it any longer. ( We all know the effort may be short lived.) Bye the bye, we do appreciate the 5 minutes you take to try to make it better......

We also do this as Mother Nature destroys our bodies in a methodical, tragic ways. So all I want to know is, what's your deal, dude?

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