Saturday, October 16, 2010

I sit in my hippie clothes.

Remember how Cat Stevens reminded us how it's a wild world? Well, more and more is he right. There is a lot on my plate right now. On my heart. On my agenda. I'm trying to work all these things out. I'm moving into a new season is the only way to explain how it all makes me feel and move. I am craving vegetables, and the more earthy they taste, the more I want of them. I want beets for goodness sake. That very statement doesn't make very much sense! Last night I went to the store to pick a rotisserie chicken I had thought about all day, I ran into a woman from my home church. She is hilarious. She is a gentle spirit. She is a woman much to look up to. And I have, and I still do. Kathy is partially deaf, and makes no bones about it. She told me last night that I am patient, and I don't ever raise my voice to her, because she reads lips. She told me that most people raise their voice, and volume isn't her issue, it's trying to read the fast moving lips! Anyhooter, I love that woman! Instead of trying to understand what to do with myself these days, I am just doing what I prompted to do. I am trying to be more obedient to God, and remembering that doing this makes life exceptionally easier. I don't have to fit into anyone else's plan, I just have to fit into God's plan for me! That leaves me off the hook. This means, the pressure isn't on myself, it doesn't fall on God either, because He is all knowing, and will guide me to the places He wants me to go. So now I'm all relieved. At least for now, until the crazy, human part of me tries to steal the reigns once again. The most comforting thing of all? Is that God is with us, no matter the circumstance. Read that part out loud. God is with us no matter the circumstance. I hope that brings you comfort, because I just want to spread it like wildfire. We just have to let The Holy Spirit in, we have to surrender our pitiful will to the God that created us. The more you let go, the better it feels. My body feels incredible. The stress is gone. I suppose that's why my body is craving food from the earth, and not anything artificial. Maybe being more in tune is helping every aspect, at least that's what I will carry with me. I hope you have a great weekend. You know me, I'm gonna be bizzy, but never to bizzy to talk if you need to....

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