Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One chick, two chick, and a fox.

alright kiddos. I think I have some things on my mind that are just blowin' my skirt up. For one, I laid in bed like a crazy zombie with a belly ache and slept in a tormented fit all night long. It was the longest night. I would fall asleep for minutes, just to wake up to stare at the clock. Champ kept his head buried in my shoulder, which wasn't an issue, but I still felt ornery. I accepted my penance at 3, and just wollered in my own depravity. It was a stinker. I suppose one of the reasons, as I stated earlier, is that I was unable to sleep like a little lamb last night could be my stomach hurt like a hurricane. I mean, it really hurt! Oh, it was awful. I did see a PERFECT owl last night, right next to my door on a electric wire. It was amazing, and rare to see. I liked Angie's way of describing this owl as her Daddy looking over me. That must have been the reason I was not terrified of all the darkness I was standing in, with only my flashlight. Switching gears here, I'm just talking this one out, I feel incomplete. I feel, lacking. I feel clues though. Where I need to go. Trying, just listening. Nothing special, but here I am feeling around on the forest floor. I had this idea. I had an idea that I'm not ready to share. I DID have this other idea, that I will share. It's more of a photography idea. Since my kindred spirit of a wonderful friend is getting back into some grooves of her own, and since she adores and is the shiza of portrait photography, I thought about contrasts. Deep pool. Deep pool. One, stripped down. One, PIMPED. Like making use of Halloween eyelashes purchased on clearance last year. I figured I would just bring it all to the table, and see if anyone had any comments to add. I found a blog that is so awesome. It's a personal adventure blog. And this person is local. Plus, this person gives details and how to's. I think it's genius, it also is making me google places I never thought of. So peekaboo. There it is. He also mentions water socks. Which makes me nanners. Anyway, the way the blog is set up, he also takes open format questions. And he answers!
(I get real random right here, so bear with me....)
Awesome! I have also been asked to take a challenge from a friend who is a Beach body coach. Which is neat. Which is also funny, since I'm in this conundrum anyway, about fitness. Basically, my fitness. I'm just trying to rearrange. Plus, there's a reason for all this beautiful weather we are having. And repeat after me, I HATE SUGAR. This, needs to be my mantra. I know, I know, one week, I'm on, the next month, I'm almost off the crap, then, like magic, I become dependant once again. I need to make up my mind. Oh, did I mention that my Daddy has almost all of the farm bush hogged? This is awesome. This also gives me prime opportunity to spend more time outside. And, to carry a knife. I always try to carry a weapon when out. Even at home. I also wear this bandanna like I'm Rambo. Alright. That's it.

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