Monday, June 8, 2009

Here We Go

Listen, I know, I know, I said it before, gonna say it again, quote Bob Dylan, over, and over, The times, they are a changin'. Simplicity, I am awkwardly in love with. If you look for me, I am bound to be found. Walking with Sue, complimenting, never-ending. These friendships, that I FIEND for, keep me alive. You need to be chased. I am a Pandora's Box. I feel as if I am. I miss feelings, and first kisses. I become embarrassed when I think of the realationships I have fucked up. And I have. We forget, it does take 2. Oh yes, not everything is my fault, and the sheer thought of me being a domineering, hateful juice box, just isn't my caliber. I have said things, and done things, that were, questionable? I have existed on pure human emotion. I have, been berating myself for not being enough Spock. (yeah, honey, that Spock.)

I think, you know, I have sacrificed, made others happy before myself, and, I have lied before, to protect my own ass. See? Human? Terrified.

Is it such a bad thing, that I have not been "pollinated"? Is it so bad, that the fruit I produce, isn't a child. (so far) It sure is. Am I sick of living a gypsy lifestyle? At times. I wouldn't mind so much, if I had a partner in the mix.(Jumping into muddle puddles?)

Red blooded men, please apply. With caution. I tend to jump head over feet, meaning, I have had sex on the first date. Is that awful? No. I have been the girl that has held out, and not even thought of slipping off my panties. Where did both situations land me? On my fucking ass, that's where. Insert, trial and error face, here.

Turning corners.

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