Friday, June 12, 2009

If you can't stand the heat

Get out of my juice box. Well, that sounded bad.
Sounded a little Led Zepplinish.
My mood is like a tipsy housewife today.
Running around in her little heels, straighting out her apron.
What's that? How did I get in your head? It was unlocked.
Oh, the housewife thing?
Yeah, really describing myself, teetering, to get to the top bookshelf.
I need to dust.

Couldn't you just fist fight me in the rain?
I'm just that fucking precious today. (not rubber sex doll face)
I'm stuck in the era I was meant to live in.
(we could argue, that the 70's could have been my prime time, but, cocaine is so dated.)
My name? So 50's.
My mood? Intercontinental.
(era? 40's-50's.) (post World War 2)

My hair today, is very Jackie-Oish. With some beautiful Audrey Hepburn earrings.

No photos, please. (in the shell today, pinch your nose, refusing to come out.)

I pulled up my stockings and snapped them to my garter belt. Elastic, a little loose, which, I'm relieved. It flatters the legs.
Slip on. Slip on, over my head.

I like the way a woman had to dress in that time. Glamorous everyday. I believe most women, enjoy getting all dolled up. I believe, all women, want to look incredible. I also believe, we have tailored ourselves to look like big sweat socks, too.

Oh, now honey, I am just as guilty. I should look ravishing everyday.

Do I ?

uh uh.

Back to the layer cake. Granted, the lingerie, wasn't as cute, for me. In my humble little gal opinion. I like little panties, get out of here, granny panties. Anything high waisted. (snarl)

I know, though, if the high waisted panties, and girdles, and cone shaped brassieres were it, you guessed it...... I would have rocked it.

The whole, showing a little, and taking it away? HOT. Jeez.

Let me fetch your slippers sweetheart.
I would love to light your pipe, dear.
I may be in the middle of a summer drought. (Ha!)
Apparently, I am skipping down the road of sexual innuendo's, and not really giving a fuck.

Yes, dear, dinner is on the table.

Excuse me? Why am I propped up here? Skirt past my thighs?
I thought it was dinner time.
Hungry for something else?
Well, I might call you, how you say, gay?, to my girlfriend's from now on.

Let's see. That wouldn't happen in a million years, now, would it?
(chin propped)

You wouldn't turn a lady down.... now would you Mr. Wolf?

Not a hair out of place, lipstick in order, let me freshen your martini, darlin'.....
You look parched!
My nails? Painted red, of course.
Is this not how you pictured it?

Crawling on the floor, as ladylike as possible.
Come on now, you know how to treat a girl, right?
Like the most priceless item in the store, baby.
Like you cant afford her.
The most amazing piece of glass ever crafted,
an oil painting so meticulous, or a cherry classic car.......

Crinoline everywhere.Meringue.

mmm mm.

Get out of the kitchen.....

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