Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just in case,

I know you didnt ask,
but I thought I would tell
you what I need.

Sometimes, its better to admit defeat,
than to keep fightin' the "good" fight.

Live in the moment.

We imagine people for what we want to see them as. We romanticize precious people in our lives, that we throw on a pedestal, or lift the "little princess" on the mattresses, bearing the screams of the pea she claims to feel. We bat our eyelashes at our fragile friends, and shoot them forlorn glances across the room.

We shake as we prepare a glass of punch for our "prom dates."
Hoping, to score.
We create moments. We cultivate what we love to see in them.
Which isn't horrible.
It's best to see the great and the good in people we associate with.
Even when, we show our white bellies, floppin' on the riverbank, like a fish.
That mental picture, makes these souls even more endearing, even more incredible.

Now, enough about me.
What about you?
What's new?
I know nothing.
Very little detail.
You have been
Admirably Generous,
Entertaining me
With sugar cubes,
As if I were the
Sweetest Trick Pony in the ring.

I have no clue what goes through your mind.
Heavy mortgage, (not too heavy, I hope.)
Dreams, of appropriate appetite.

(I would love a slice of apple pie, please.)

It's bound to happen?


What a perfect word.
Wild Fire.

There are times, I think you just,
Leave me hanging.
Not by choice, but you do.
I look for you.
Around corners, and closed doors.
And I don't seem to mind, is the trouble.

Other times, I feel my heart beating, thrashing, in my chest.
As if waiting to get out of the gate.


Frothy mouth, (horse reference) legs, wildly moving, pounding the ground,
something primal coursing through the veins.

I sit in awe.

I cant wait for you to find out.
I think/believe/will
Write about "How it is."
Until it stops.

Like a carousel.
You know, taken care of.
Hand painted.

Organ carefully maintained.
Threads replaced.
With gentle hands.

Today, I belong in the bathtub.
Laze around.
And listen to the rain on the tin roof. (I have one)

One leg up, on the faucet.

Toes, turning on the "hot" water.

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